Joseph Libby

Welcome to my website. I’m Joseph Libby. I was born and raised on the Hawaiian island of Maui. I continue to live my life on the islands, where I am blessed to be surrounded by the magnificent beauty of both land and sea.

My professional journey began at the University of Hawaii at Manoa where, in 1989, I studied photography. Five years later, in 1993, I began a career in photography that has continued to evolve over the past seventeen years. While my initial passion was to capture the art of black and white photography, my love for photography has grown to include just about everything, from undersea photography to action sports and videography. My career has proven as diverse as my interests, as I have had the pleasure of working for numerous publications, events, and lifestyle corporations around the world.

Living in Hawaii, submerged in the culture and the lifestyle of the local way of life, I am greeted with the opportunity to capture otherwise rare glimpses of what makes Hawaii its own unique paradise. Even in my travels abroad, I am impassioned with photographing the environment that surrounds me. The lens simply lets me share these extraordinary experiences with you.

It is my hope that the passion and joy that I find in capturing these images can be yours when you experience them for yourself.